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Quiz Review
Exploration & Absolutism
• Why did European rulers encourage ocean
• They wanted to find new trade routes.
• Who did the Portuguese loose control of the
Indian Ocean trade to in the 1600s?
• Dutch.
• What policies did the Ming and Qing dynasties
follow regarding foreign trade?
• They restricted foreign trade.
• Which explorer sailed around the south tip of
Africa to get to India?
• Vasco da Gama
• Which European powers took the lead in
sending out voyages of exploration?
• Portugal & Spain
• What explorer first crossed the Atlantic?
• Columbus
• How did Prince Henry change the course of
Portugal’s history?
• Portugal led the way in exploration.
• Who took over control of the spice trade from
the Portuguese?
• the Dutch
• What was Japan’s attitude toward trade under
the Tokugawa shoguns?
• It was isolated from the rest of the world.
• Which European power dominated the land
along the east coast of North America?
• The central region of North America?
• England
• France
• Why did many Spanish explorers travel to
North America?
• Why did many Spanish explorers travel to the
• To find gold. (GOLD, GOD, GLORY)
• What territory did Portugal colonize in the
• Brazil
• Who began a vast global exchange that
included people, plants, technologies, and
• Christopher Columbus
• What resulted from encounters between the
Spanish and Native Americans?
• The Native American population declined.
• The Edict of Nantes in 1598, Henry IV of
France granted religious toleration to:
• Huguenots (French Protestants)
• Prussia and Austria
• Peter the Great forced Russians to accept
social reforms that would make their culture
more like that of:
• Western Europeans
• In the late 1500s, France was torn apart by
religious wars between Catholics and:
• Huguenots.
• French styles of art, culture, manners, and
customs became the standard for European
taste as a result of the reign of
• Louis XIV.
• The Stuart kings’ claims to absolute power
were challenged by:
• Parliament.