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Pearson - Prentice Hall World History Crossword
5/4/15, 3:52 PM
The Beginnings of Our Global Age: Europe and
the Americas (1492–1750)
2. representative
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Pearson - Prentice Hall World History Crossword
5/4/15, 3:52 PM
4. pirate working with the approval of a government
5. transportation of slaves to the Americas
6. worker forced into labor to pay off debt
7. economic system promoting private ownership
10. to triumph
12. agreement among people
13. tax on imported goods
14. scattering, spreading of
16. fighting between two groups in the same nation
17. severe; having a strong effect
20. economic policy based on imports and exports
21. revolt on a ship
23. war between Britain and France, fought in North America
25. Canada
26. rise in prices linked to sharp increase in the amount of money available
27. network linking Europe, Africa, and the Americas
28. people who take on financial risk to make profits
1. income from taxes
3. an American-born descendant of Spanish settlers
4. a person born in Spain, but living in Spanish America
7. transportation of animals and plants between Europe and the Americas
8. ended the Seven Years' War
9. a person of Native American and European descent in Spanish America
10. English Protestants who rejected the Church of England
11. period in which inflation rose rapidly in Europe
13. capital of the Aztec empire
15. the right to demand labor or tribute from Native Americans in certain areas
18. agreement or association between groups
19. Spanish conqueror
22. resistance
24. a person of African and European descent in Spanish America
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