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Discovering Cells
Explain this statement: Cells are the
basic units of structure and function of
living things
• The smallest unit that can perform
all life processes
Who discovered cells?
Robert Hooke (1663)
• Used a compound
microscope (2 lenses)
• Looked at cork under
• Named what he saw,
Robert Hooke
- He observed pieces of
cork from the bark of a cork
tree under the microscope.
- His observations led him
to coin the word “cell.”
- “Cell”- means little rooms
in Latin
- He compared the small
boxes to the small rooms
that monks lived in.
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
• Used a simple
microscope to look at
pond scum.
• Saw “wee beesties” and
• He is known as the
“Father of Microscopy.”
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
• Discoveries:
- 1673: He looked at
pond scum under
the microscope and
discovered small
organisms he called
animalcules or little
animals (Protists)
- 1676: discovered
Remember teeth gunk?
Development of Cell Theory
• Widely accepted explanation of
the relationship between cells and
living things
Contributors to Cell Theory
Matthais Schleiden (1838)
Theodor Schwann (1839)
Rudolf Virchow (1855)
Matthias Schleiden
• German botanist
• Discovered that all plants
were made of cells
• Contributed to the creation
of the cell theory
Theodor Schwann
• German zoologist
• Concluded that all
animals are made of
• Contributed to the creation
of the cell theory
Rudolph Virchow
• German pathologist
• He is known as the
“Father of Pathology.”
• Discovered that all living
cells come only from other
living cells.
The Cell Theory
1. All living things are made of
2. Cells are the basic units of
structure and function in living
3. Living cells come only from other
living cells.