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“La Caixa” – INPHINIT PROGRAMME – Call for projects
Project Title / Job position title: Structural/functional study of a transcripton initiation
Área of Knowledge (choose one):
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Medicine, Public Health, Sports Science, Nutrition, Clinical Psychology, Healthcare
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Human Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell biology, Genomics
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Research project / Research Group description (max 2000 characters without spaces)
Structural Biology of Protein & Nucleic Acid Complexes and Molecular Machines
The group is engaged in the analysis of proteins and nucleic acids complexes using a number of
molecular biology and structural biology techniques. Protein-nucleic acid complexes are
prepared and crystallized for X-ray diffraction experiments, using synchrotron radiation. The
complexes may also be analyzed by cryo-electron microscopy. The final outcome is a detailed
3D view of the molecular structures of interest. This information, together with complementary
molecular biology and biochemistry experiments, unveils how these proteins and molecular
machines function.
Our focus is on the structural analysis of complexes and molecular machines related to DNA
transcription, replication and translocation. Our group has also worked on the structural
determination of a unique DNA structures, including the first determination of a Holliday
junction and the structure DNA three-way junctions. Furthermore, our group has been involved
in the characterization of complexes of DNA with different drugs with potential anticancer
activity, either intercalators or supramolecular compounds.
Job position description (max 2000 characters without spaces)
We offer a PhD position to work on the structural analysis of a gene transcription initiaton
complex. The complex is formed by the RNA polymerase holoenzyme, the DNA promoter and
transcription factors related to pathogenic gene activation. The analysis includes the cloning
expression and purification of the proteins involved, and the preparation of the complexes for
crystallization and X-ray diffraction and cryo-electron microscopy analysis. The project implies
the training on a number of molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysics techniques, as well
as computational and computer graphics analysis.
Group leader
Title (Dr. / Prof./ Mr. / Mrs)
Full name: Miquel Coll Capella
Email: [email protected]
Research Project / Research Group website: