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Postdoctoral position in Cancer Cell Biology at UT Southwestern Medical Center
A funded post-doctoral position is available in the Sorrell lab (UT Southwestern Medical
Center, Cell Biology Department) to study cellular fitness in Myc-driven tumors. Our lab
utilizes molecular biology, mouse models, 3D cultures, and single cell imaging
approaches to identify vulnerabilities of metastatic cells.
The Sorrell lab is part of the UT Southwestern Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive
Cancer Center, an NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center located in Dallas.
This is a dynamic and interactive community which brings together basic researchers
and clinicians dedicated to the translation of promising research into treatments for
We are looking for ambitious, organized, and highly-motivated candidates interested in
translational biomedical research. We have exciting ongoing projects and we are
looking for strong candidates to join a highly productive team.
The ideal candidate must have earned a Ph.D. in a related field and have experience in
molecular biology. Experience with mouse models and bioinformatics analysis of highthroughput data is a plus.
Interested candidates should contact Dr. Conacci-Sorrell at:
[email protected]