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Chapter 12 The Islamic World
1. This empire started in the mid-1200's when Muslim Turkish warriors took
over territory from the Christian Roman Empire
5. A building for Muslim prayer
7. this is decorative writing found in the Qur'an and to decorate mosques
10. The kind of meat Muslims do not eat
12. This capital was named Constantinople and changed to this under the
15. one lifestyle in Arabia that means you move around a lot, live in tents
and raise animals
18. This is a journey to a sacred place, Muslims are expected to do this to
Mecca once in their life
20. This is the name of the God in Islam
21. These Muslims thought only Muhammad's descendants could become caliphs
(Safavid leaders)
22. A group of traders that travel together
24. Slave soldiers that converted to Islam and became fierce warriors
25. He was born in Mecca, God spoke to him and made him a prophet
26. The title that Muslims use for the highest leader of Islam, Muhammad's
27. Followers of Islam
2. The town Muhammad moved to after leaving Mecca
3. This is the word for the market in Arabia
4. This means "to make an effort, or to struggle" which refers to the inner
struggle people go through in their efforts to obey God
6. the holy book of Islam that contains the messages Muhammad received from
8. The Five ________ of Islam, is the five acts of worship required of all
9. The name of the Christian empire the Muslims took over (it used to be the
Eastern Roman Empire)
11. This refers to the way Muhammad lived, it guides Muslim's behavior
13. A religion that is based on the belief that Muhammad received messages
from God
14. This Muslim Empire was in northern India, during this empire the Taj
Mahal was built, this culture blended Persian, Islamic and Hindu elements
16. A narrow tower from where Muslims are called to prayer, they are found on
17. These Muslims didn't think caliphs had to be related to Muhammad (Ottoman
19. the number of times a day Muslims pray
21. This is what the Islam (or Muslim) law is called
23. This Muslim empire began in 1501 when they conquered Persians and made
Shiism the official religion