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 What
happened if the events that took place
was committed by Catholics or Jehovah’s
witness, do you think Americans would have
responded in the same manner as they did to
the Muslims?
 1.
He was a
merchant that was
born in Mecca.
 2.He was married
and lived a simple
 3. Muhammad was
troubled by idol
worship and the
ills of society
 4. He went to the
cave to meditate and
he was visited by the
archangel Gabriel
who called him to be
the messenger of God
 5.
He left on a
journey to Yathrib
called a Hijra.
 Islam
 The Quran is the
sacred text.
 Muslims recognize
no official priests
who mediate
between the
people and God.
 Muslims
attend the
Mosque for prayer
 Sharia-regulates
moral conduct,
family life, and
business practices.
 1.
“There is one
god but God”
 2.
Daily Prayer (5
times a day)
 4.
fasting from
sunrise to sunset
during the month
of Ramadan
 5.
 3.
Charity to the
poor (2.5% directly
to the poor)
Hajj –
pilgrimage to
1. Muhammad
welcomed the
vision from God
while his wife
expressed doubt.
2. The first pillar
of Islam states”
There is no god
but God,
Muhammad is the
messenger of
3. The second
pillar is
confession of sins
4. The absence
of a shared
language caused
divisions in the
True or False
 1.
The flight of Muhammad and his followers
from Mecca is called the_______.
 2. A ______is a Muslim house of worship.
 3. The fifth pillar of Islam _____or
pilgrimmage to Mecca
 4. When a Muslim undertakes an effort in
gods service, it is known as ________
 5. The _______is the Islamic system of Law.