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EI 90
Sealings in fire-protection ceilings.
Ceiling seal systems
DS 90 / 74 mm and 90 / 120 mm.
KAISER ceiling seal systems DS 90 / 74 mm and DS 90 / 120 mm ensure safe maintenance of the
ceiling’s fire-resistance class of EI30-EI90. In order to prevent fire and smoke gases from passing
through feed-throughs of cables and electrical installation conduits in concrete or cellular concrete ceilings, they must be given fire-protection sealing of the same fire-resistance class as the
ceiling. This is guaranteed easily, quickly and securely by ceiling seal systems DS 90.
S ecure, visible, certified fire-sealings
Sealings especially for ceiling feed-throughs
Automatic sealing without filling and smoothing
Non-destructive retrofitting
Also for mixed population of cable and conduit bundles
Fast, easy installation from above
Approval for ceiling seal systems
DS 90 / 74 mm and DS 90 / 120
mm ETA-14/0159 with all documentation for installation and
proof of approval is in the
download section on