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For safe functions, rooms and
escape routes.
Fire-protection technology.
When it comes to protecting buildings against danger from fire, planners and installers of
building technology play a vital role. Experience shows that fires can start at any time and anywhere.
Even strict fire regulations provide no guarantee against fire. The greatest risk is not caused by the
fire itself, but by technical and electrical equipment.
For 90% of fire victims and approximately 70% of property damage, not the fire itself, but the hazardous and toxic smoke produced by the fire was the main cause. So, in addition to avoiding and
combating fire, the main aim is to prevent the formation and dispersion of smoke gas.
The most important tasks of preventative fire protection are saving human lives and minimising property damage. To do this, above all it is necessary to guarantee the functional integrity of the
fire-protection equipment, the usability of the escape routes, and access by the emergency services.
KAISER fire-protection systems offer you reliable solutions for electrical installations in fire protection ceilings and walls. These solutions also ensure the required fire-protection classes if a fire
starts. Intelligent products for active and preventative fire-protection are produced in halogen-free
and fire-resistant materials which correspond to the current statutory and technical requirements.
Products for walls and ceilings in buildings and for shipbuilding walls. Products whose reliability can
save lives and prevent catastrophes.