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Fire protection | Electronics box HWD 90.
Easy-to-use installation compartment.
Electronics box HWD 90.
The electronics box HWD 90 has the installation space necessary for electronic switch devices,
databoxes, cables and terminals. Population with both cables and installation conduits up to M25
is possible.
F or EI30 - EI20 fire-protection walls
Retrofitting is possible
Also for use as a double box
Extra-large terminal area for communications and network technology
Additional space for electronic components (KNX actuators, relays, radio module,
communications technology)
EI30 - EI120
One-gang box HWD 90
Art. No. 9463-01
Ø 74 mm
One-gang junction box
HWD 90
Art. No. 9464-01
Electronics box HWD 90
Art. No. 9462-94
Ø 74 mm
Centering insert 68/74: To expand existing installation openings from Ø 68
mm to Ø 74 mm, use exact guide for cavity wall cutter MULTI 4000.
Art. No. 1184-94
Art. No. 9060-78
2 x Ø 74 mm
The matching Ø 74 mm cutter is shown
on page 38.