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Safe and secure in cavity walls.
HWD 68 fire-protection boxes.
The HWD 68 fire-protection boxes are at the heart of good fire protection, and their fast and
easy installation is very impressive. Both the one-gang box and the one-gang junction box are
installed in a 68 mm cut opening and can easily be combined with each other by means of support
connectors. The easy insertion of sheathed cables is especially impressive. Without the need for
an opening tool, the cables can be inserted into the relevant opening almost without the use of
any tools at all.
HWD 68 fire-protection boxes are equipped with AFS technology – a fire-retardant coating –
which, in the event of a fire, automatically closes the installation opening, and this is what prevents
fire and smoke from spreading.
Ø 68 mm
1 ​Fully-insulated through-wiring of one-gang boxes and one-gang junction boxes with the support connector (Art. No. 9060-68).
2 ​Simple break-out cable entry with cable retention acc. to
DIN EN 60670
3 ​Up to 6 opportunities for inserting sheathed wires with an external diameter of 4 – 11.5 mm.
4 The HWD 68 is installed in a standard 68 mm ø opening.