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Fire protection | HWD 68 fire-protection boxes
3 -
F or fire-protection walls EI30 – EI90
Retrofitting is possible
For Ø 68 mm component openings
For directly opposing installation
Break-out cable entry
With fire-protection cover can be used as a junction box
The HWD 68 is suitable for use in El30 - EI90
fire-protection walls. Even when installed in directly opposing boxes, the fire-protection function is retained.
EI30 - EI90
One-gang box HWD 68
Art. No. 9463-02
One-gang junction box
HDW 68
Art. No. 9464-02
Ø 68 mm
The matching cutter (Art. No. 1083-10) is shown on page 38.
Support connector
Art. No. 9060-68
Fire-protection cover
Art. No. 1184-94
Ø 68 mm