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For fire-protection walls up to EI120.
HWD 90 fire-protection boxes.
Around 10 years after the market launch of the first fire-protection box for lightweight walls with
a fire protection class of up to 90 minutes, the range of HWD 90 fire-protection boxes has
been expanded. The ongoing development of AFS technology means that fire-protection boxes
now provide fire-resistance duration of up to 120 minutes.
Installation is just as easy as with the previous model. Directly opposing installation up to
a 5-way combination maintains protection up to fire-resistance class EI 120 . All HWD 90 type
boxes completely retain the sound insulation function up to a level of 77 dB.
In addition, the HWD 90 is found in many general official test certificates of well-known manufacturers of walls or ceilings as part of the approval.
1 For use as a junction box when fitted with a fire-protection cover.
2 ​Fully-insulated through-wiring of one-gang junction boxes with each other is by means of the support connector (9060-78).
3 ​The electronics box creates sufficient space for the cable reserve for the installation of communications and network boxes.