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Fire protection | Ceiling seal
EI 90
Installation takes place easily and quickly from
the ceiling upper surface. The ceiling seal
system can also be retrofitted around existing
cables and conduits. Non-destructive later fitting of additional cables up to full population is
possible at any time.
1 Insertion of the mounting sleeve in drilling holes Ø 100 mm or Ø 150 mm from the ceiling upper
2 Feed sheathed cables and/or conduits through the mounting sleeve.
3 F it the ceiling cylinder around the cables and conduits and insert the mounting sleeve. Then
snap the sealing element onto the sealing cylinder.
4 Approved for concrete or cellular concrete ceilings with ceiling thickness from 150 - 300 mm.
Ceiling seal system
DS 90 / 74 mm
Art. No 9459-05
Ceiling seal system
DS 90 / 120 mm
Art. No 9459-06
Formwork unit
Art. No 9473-95/96
Ø150 mm
Ø100 mm