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Feed-throughs and entries in cavities,
masonry and concrete.
Fire sealings.
Sealings in fire protection walls are needed when cables or conduits must be fed through
walls with a specific fire resistance class. In order to maintain the relevant rating, expert sealing
of the opening is needed to prevent fire or smoke from spreading..
KAISER solutions guarantee fast and above all absolutely safe and reliable sealing if a fire breaks out. There is no need at all for the time-consuming and messy use of fire protection putty,
foam or mortar. Installation is as easy as fitting a KAISER cavity wall box.
Secure, visible, certified fire sealing
For wall feed-throughs and entries
No filling and smoothing
Automatic sealing of joints and gaps between cables
Non-destructive later fitting
For cable bundles or individual installation conduits
Also for mixed population of cable and conduit bundles
The cable sealing LS 90 and the conduit sealing RS 90 can easily be fitted in a
few simple steps. Use a suitable cutter or drill
to make the installation opening and insert
the flexible sealing. For retrofitting, open the
sealing and push it over the existing cable or
conduit. The cable and conduits sealings can
be arranged as a group.