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Basic computer science principles and skills
Basics in statistical analysis
Advanced Data Analysis&Big Data for Business Intelligence
Predictive Modeling
Cloud Computing
Data Visualization
Enterprises and organizations are gathering amounts of digital data from different
sources. Marketing analytics based on predictive analytics and Big Data technologies
can transform that data into actionable insights.
The course is focused on key applications of predictive analytics in the area of
marketing analytics. The course also reviews methods and tools for consumer
preference measurement, product designing and positioning, brand equity assessment,
pricing research and also gives opportunity for case-study- and project-based
experience. Course content includes the study of data cleansing, aggregation, and
analysis, exploring alternative segmentation schemes for targeted marketing, visualizing
of analytical results.
Special attention is given to the tools of Web analytics as a source for online marketing
and customer relationship management in e-commerce. Using of the Web-sites and
social networks information for understanding of Internet user behavior and decisionmaking is one of important topic of the course.
Topics include:
Marketing Analytics: technologies and applications
Principles and concepts of marketing analytics
Marketing Research
Web Analytics
Social Networks Analytics
Interactive & Digital Marketing
Database Marketing
Advanced marketing analytics models and metrics
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Emerging Business Intelligence and Analytic Trends for Today's Businesses.
Wiley, 1 edition, 2013
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