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B2B Marketing
What's up in Business Marketing?
Bart Christiaens
Artevelde University College
Ghent, Belgium
Today’s Marketer
Is a peculiar blend of many things:
An extraverted storyteller and a data driven analyst.
Someone who is online as well as offline, who is creative
as well as analytic, who is capable of thinking as well as
The challenge of omni-channel
Content Marketing
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Website Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Data Analytics
Inbound Marketing
Account Based Marketing
Experiential Marketing
Agile Marketing Planning
Digital Marketing
Digitize everything or die
not just marketing but across the entire organization
Create synergy internally (production, logistics, sales,
breaking down silos - integrate
redefining roles and responsabilities
Digital Marketing - Tesla
Tesla digitizing an old-age industry
• Sales process: no dealer showrooms but online sales
• Supply chain: allmost no stock, cars are taylormade
• Customer centricity: adding new functions by mobile updates
(Spotify, Insane button,…)
Digital Marketing
Other examples:
- Bubble Post going international
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing combines a wide variety of
social media tools and platforms to establish
conversations with prospects and customers
Social Media Marketing
• Social sharing is very influential and impactful
• Social referral is highly successful to reach new contacts
• Failing to manage your social presence will harm your
Example: Bandwidth
Content is king
“…using content to attract, acquire and engage customers”
Content is king
Who are those content consumers?
= the Decision Making Unit (DMU*)
• Users: share knowledge (operational)
• Influencers: influence the buying
process (tactical)
• Decision-makers: make the finall call
* 7 people (average) in a Decision Making Process
Content is king
- How to create a constant stream of content?
- How to be heard by your target audience in the
information overload?
- How to manage the conversations on your content
Data Analytics
Without Data Analytics there is simply no more marketing
Data Analytics
Big Data
• Analysis of large,
complex and
unstructured datasets
• Use all data from diverse
• Analysis helps to
(re)shape your business
• Forward looking
Data Analytics
- GIGO principle: garbage in / garbage out
- Decision making machines? Technology rules?
Importance of human judgment
- Our digital footprint
What about privacy?
Inbound Marketing (pull)
Lead generation
Inbound Marketing (pull)
Inbound Marketing (pull)
Attract: make your company findable
New Solutions Selling
Death of a salesman?
- New type of customer: The informed
- Customer behaviour has become
- High level of market segmentation
- Complexity of technology increases
- Shift from product to added value
New Solutions Selling
The new hybrid sales representative
Collaboration with customers on strategic level
Collaboration with the other teams internally (no silos)
Value creator
Discovers problems and solutions together with the customer
Conclusion: Needles & pins