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Yoonsik Chung
ISM 158
June 1, 2010
 Combines data from social media with internal data
for better business insight
 Social media sources (Twitter, wikies, RSS feeds, blogs)
 New data mining and text analytics software
 Monitor changes in consumer, constituent and
employee attitudes, uncover deeper insights, and then
predict key factors that will drive future customer
acquisition and retention campaigns
 Enables companies to extract sentiment from the use
of emoticons often used to describe views and feelings
 Also slang terminology that people use to describe
products or services
 Recognizes that demands from industries having
unique priorities and different terminologies in their
data insight
Rosetta Stone Inc.
 Leading provider of technology based language
learning solutions
 Relies on IBM predictive analytics software to uncover
hidden trends in text responses from online customer
product reviews, competitor websites and open ended
survey questionnaires
 "Predictive analytics allows us to leverage unsolicited
and unbiased customer feedback and strategically
improve our business. We now can also monitor
competitor and industry websites, including blogs and
news feeds, and other publicly available textual
information to maintain a current view and better
understand how the public perceives our competition.“
-Nino Ninov, VP of strategic research and analysis
 Customer interactions through any channel are now
evidenced based and result in more predictable and
profitable outcomes
 The result is more effective customer relationship,
management strategy and long term customer loyalty