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BCF, the leading marketing and communications firm for travel & tourism brands, is seeking a
Marketing Campaign Analyst to join our growing team. The ideal candidate is well versed in data
analysis methodologies and business trends, is technologically savvy and has an insatiable appetite
for data driven insights and innovation.
Primary Responsibilities
 Identification, acquisition and maintenance of relevant data points for the agency’s data
management platform.
Propose, implement and maintain relevant data visualizations for the agency’s business
intelligence platform.
Establish and maintain documentation of data-informed best practices and data acquisition
and storage policies.
Perform due diligence regarding vendor, partner and technology infrastructure selection.
Analyze and interpret marketing data analytics – help frame business questions your data
analysis is intended to answer, identify actionable insights, establish and communicate
preliminary recommendations for consideration.
Run and review daily, weekly, monthly and other regularly recurring dashboards and reports
for preliminary analysis.
Develop business and marketing system requirements – experience with developing Use Case
Scenarios, Business Process Requirements, Functional Specifications and Technical
Requirements a plus.
Perform quality assurance processes.
Secondary Responsibilities
 Proficient at working one on one with clients and internal teams in performing need
assessments, on-boarding, trouble-shooting and relevant support.
Oral and written support on agency provided systems (i.e. Content Management Systems,
Marketing Automation Platforms and the like).
Participate in response systems established by the agency in the support of marketing
platforms and practices.
Research assistance on thought leadership initiatives.
 Logical Data Modeling.
Experience with click-stream analytics packages such as Google Analytics, Omniture and
Business Statistics & Quantitative Analysis.
Programming & Web Development Experience.
Well versed in the visual display of information.
Software: Mac OSX, Microsoft Office (among others).
Effective time management and organization skills and commitment to meeting deadlines.
Experience with travel, tourism and hospitality marketing.
Collaborative team player with strong communication and presentation skills.
Self-starter who works with passion and purpose and keeps pace with technological trends.
 A/B testing experience.
Hadoop: HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, etc.
Market research experience.
Web application server administration experience (including AWS).
Please email cover letter and resume: [email protected]
Please include salary requirements with all responses. No phone calls please.
BCF is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Drug-Free Workplace.