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Job Description: Data Programmer
Elder Research, Inc. is currently seeking a new
Data Programmer / Data Analyst for its growing
DC office focusing on predictive analytics projects
with Federal government clients.
Founded in 1995, Elder Research is one of the
leading consulting firms focused on predictive
analytics, with clients ranging from hedge funds
to government agencies, and Fortune 500
corporations to start-up ventures. We are known
for a collaborative work environment and for
solving difficult problems that require both cuttingedge expertise and practical experience. Ongoing
application areas include fraud detection, risk
scoring, marketing analytics, political predictions,
trading strategies, and national security.
Job Responsibilities
»» U.S. citizenship
»» The top applicant will have a
Bachelor’s or Masters degree
in Computer Science, Systems
Engineering or related discipline
»» 2-5 years technical and
mathematical programming
experience; more experienced hire
will also be considered for software
engineer position
»» Proficiency in Java, C++, or
other object-oriented language,
experience R , SAS or other statistical
language and flexibility to learn new
tools and languages as needed
»» Significant experience with database
systems including database design,
database administration and SQL
»» Database management and data
warehousing experience
»» Web development experience
with J2EE and JSP is a plus, but not
»» The Data Programmer / Data Analyst
must be a flexible team player able
to use skills in programming and
software development, data mining,
as well as database management
»» Develops software infrastructure of
custom data mining and analytic
solutions and leads the integration
of these tools for the customer
»» Facilitates the use of relational
database systems and other data
management tools within the
context of custom data mining
If interested, please send resumes to [email protected]
[email protected]
© 2012 Elder Research Inc.
(434) 973-7673