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Job Description/Posting: Solutions Analyst
Novantas is a FinTech 100 Company that provides analytic solutions and advisory services to top
financial institutions all over the globe. Our first class people, proven solutions and ground breaking
analytics are tackling big data challenges at banks every day.
Novantas is seeking a Solutions Analyst to implement our software solutions and drive client insights
through powerful and intuitive data analytics. In this role, you will be responsible for understanding
client business needs, configuring analytics and models accordingly, and ensuring our solutions are best
in class. Typical responsibilities include:
Configuring and customizing our solutions to client-specific data, strategies, and business needs
Mining, cleaning, and analyzing large data sets for trends or insights relevant to Novantas
Solutions clients’ analysis
Deriving and communicating actionable conclusions from complex data
Calibrating and updating models used in solutions to enhance accuracy and impact
Conducting statistical analysis to evaluate model performance
We offer a competitive salary along with a complete benefits package. Please submit an e-mail with
your cover letter and resume attached as separate documents to [email protected] Please
enter SOLUTIONS ANALYST in the subject line.
You are a natural and relentless problem solver who is passionate about delivering value to our clients
through the application of analytics. You demonstrate leadership ability, creativity, and ease with
quantitative analysis.
Desired background and skills:
Bachelors degree, preferably in business, science, math, computer science, or engineering field
0-3 years of experience, preferably in the field of computer programming, consulting, financial
services, product/solutions management, and/or Business Intelligence
Programming experience in professional or academic setting (SQL experience preferred)
Proven track record of academic and/or professional success
Exceptional analytical thinking ability, ease with quantitative analysis, and excellent problem
solving skills
Ability to formulate and pursue hypotheses independently
Self–discipline and willingness to learn
Ability to work well with others in a high-pressure environment
Capable of carrying out multiple tasks or projects in parallel
Strong oral and written communication skills