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Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
CRN: 24250
This module (DATA8004) investigates the new and exciting areas of data mining and knowledge
discovery; it is a more in-depth study of concepts and methods within data science and analytics.
Seek the pattern woven,
Then underneath undo the silver thread,
And with the looking glass,
And learned hand,
Find the golden one that will glimmer and repeat.
The key the topics and areas of interest that will be studied and explored are:- new models – e.g. naïve bayes classification, neural networks, boot strapping, support vector
- how to evaluate and compare these models
- Ensemble techniques – how to combine models and thus improve the overall model
- how to use R, the programming language for the statistics, machine learning and data handing
- build a number of data analytics models using open source software and use these models to solve
challenging problems.
- what is knowledge?
-knowledge management systems (KMS)
This module requires the student to have a competent understanding of computing and be adept
with handling numerical calculations and concepts. It will continue many of the topics studied in
Data Science and Analytics (DATA8001), so it will be very advantageous, though not fully necessary,
to have successfully completed DATA8001.
For further information contact Aengus Daly, via email at Aengus.[email protected]
Click here for the full module descriptor. CRN is 24250