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Chapter 7-3 Study Guide
Name _______________________________________
Using the word bank to the right, place the letter in the blanks to make the statement correct.
_____ 1. In the process of ____________________, food is
broken down into small nutrient particles.
_____ 2. After food is broken down in the stomach, it goes to
the ______________________.
_____ 3. The job of the ______________________ system is the
removal of wastes from the body.
A. excretory system
B. small intestines
C. esophagus
D. digestion
_____ 4. The __________ is a muscular tube that is part of the
digestive system.
Read each statement. Place the events of the digestive and excretory system in the correct
order by placing numbers (1-6) in the blanks provided.
_____ Food
particles that
cannot be
absorbed are sent
to the colon.
_____ In the small
intestine, digestion
breaks down food
particles into
nutrients that are
absorbed into the
_____ When you
swallow, muscles
contract and relax
and push food down
your esophagus.
_____ The brain
sends a message to
the muscles of the
colon so solid
waste can be
removed from the
______ Food travels
to the stomach
where strong acid
and enzymes break
food down further.
____ Saliva
contains enzymes
that break down