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The Digestive System
Food passes through the digestive system. Match the
descriptions to each part. Note the first one has been done
for you!
Digestion begins here. Food
is mechanically broken
down by teeth. Saliva aids
This produces bile. Bile has
2 functions –1) it
neutralises stomach acid to
allow enzymes in small
intestine to work –2) it
emulsifies fats
The thick muscular walls
churn up the food and
gastric juices are mixed
with it. Microbes are killed
here due to acidic pH.
Excess water and salts are
removed here.
Small intestine
Large intestine
(The organs are not to scale)
Miss Bradford
Digestion is completed
here. Dissolved food is
absorbed into the
bloodstream. Inner surface
has finger like projections
called villi.