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The digestion process
1) The body acts as a converter releasing _______________ and _______________
from food.
2) What is the main role of the mouth?
3) Explain how saliva is useful in the mouth.
4) Describe and explain the function of the oesophagus.
5) Describe the stomach.
6) What two things are found in the stomach that help break down food?
E ________________________ and A ____________________
7) What is the name of the final product the leaves the stomach? ______________
8) Describe the small intestine.
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9) Fill in the table below about the digestive juices added to the first part of the
small intestine, the duodenum.
Digestive Juice
Sodium bicarbonate
Where is it from?
What does it do?
Digestive enzymes
Bile salts
10) What is the term for the movement of nutrients from inside the digestive tract,
through cell walls to the blood stream?
A _________________________________
11) Explain the term peristalsis.
12) Describe the main function of the colon.
13) Name the four phases of digestion.
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