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The body system in which digestion takes place is known as the digestive
system. It is made up of several structures collectively known as the alimentary
canal or gut.
The diagram below shows a diagram of the digestive system. Study the diagram
carefully and note the relative sizes of the various parts. Identify the areas where
salivary amylase, pepsin and pancreatic lipase are produced and where they
Draw a simple diagram of the human digestive system. It is important that the
size of each region is accurate and openings are shown correctly. Label the
following structures: mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large
intestine, anus, liver, pancreas and gall bladder. You do not need to draw in
structures that are not involved in digestion or absorption.
Make sure you can draw this diagram from memory. You must be able to
correctly represent and label the structures listed above. You do not need to
draw the body outline.
Extension for higher level students
Below is a picture showing the layers of the wall of the gut. This will be useful for
you later on if you study the Further Human Physiology Option.