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Name ________________________________________________________ Period ____
U6, RA2 Digestive System (Part 1)
Name _________________________________________________________Period _____
U6, RA2 Digestive System (Part 1)
DIRECTIONS: Answer the question or list the words that complete the statement. 1) Write
the number in front of your answer. 2) If the question does not have blank spaces (__),
your answer is to be written in complete sentence form, otherwise just list the words (in the
correct order) that belong in the blank spaces.
RR1: a) fill in page summaries at the bottom of
each page and b) mark and number the location in
the reading where you found your answers; ! 6pts.
1) What are the four phases for food to be
processed in your body?
2) Describe the digestion process.
3) List the nine major organs of the digestive
system as shown in figure 22-10 on page 1.
4) What are enzymes?
5) A variety of enzymes are involved with the
digestion of carbohydrates, __, and __.
Salivary __ __ __ __ __ enzyme secreted in the
mouth… breaking down complex
carbohydrates into __ __.
6) Where are pancreas enzymes secreted to
AND what type of carbohydrate do these
enzymes break down?
7) Mechanical digestion takes place when food
is __ __ __ __ __ __ and churned in your __...
Chemical digestion occurs in your __ __ and
__ __.
8) What does the enzyme salivary amylase do
toward digestion? It starts the breakdown of __
to __.
9) (4pts) Describe some of the mechanical and
chemical digestion that occurs in the stomach.
10) As __ leaves your stomach, it enters the
first part of your small intestine, called the __.
The major portion of all digestion takes place
in your duodenum… Digestive juices from the
__ and __ are added to the mixture. Your liver
produces a greenish fluid called __ with is
stored in a small sac called the __. Bile
physically breaks down fat particles.
SEE PART 2 on the next page (6pts!) !
Redraw and label the following parts of the digestive system: Liver, Gall bladder, Bile duct,
Stomach, Pancreas, Duodenum;