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Digestive System Questions (pages 487-495)
1. What are the 4 stages of food processing and define each.
2. What does mechanical digestion do to food?
3. What is chemical digestion?
4. What does chemical digestion do to food?
5. Why is the dismantling of large food molecules necessary? (2 reasons)
6. What does chemical digestion proceed by?
7. What are hydrolases?
8. What does the human digestive system consist of?
9. What are the 2 functions of the mouth?
10. What is the functions of the tongue?
11. What is the pharynx?
12. What is the esophagus?
13. What is peristalsis?
14. Describe the structure of the stomach.
15. What is gastric juice composed of?
16. What keeps the stomach from eating itself?
17. What is heartburn?
18. What is the cause of most ulcers?
19. Describe the structure of the small intestine.
20. What is the pancreas?
21. What are the functions of pancreatic juice?
22. Where is bile produced and stored?
23. What does bile contain?
24. What occurs during absorption?
25. Describe the structure of the large intestine (colon).
26. What is the main function of the colon?
27. What happens to undigested food in the colon?
28. Why are the E. coli in your colon important?
29. What causes diarrhea? Constipation?
30. What is the function of the rectum?