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CHEM 1305
Practice Exam # 2 (Chap. 5- 8)
PART I – Multiple Choice: (3 points each)
-------1. What is the term for the value which indicates the number of
protons for an atom of a
given element?
A) Atomic notation?
B) Atomic number?
C) Atomic mass?
D) Mass number?
-------2. What is the term for the shorthand description of the arrangement
of electrons by
sublevels according to increasing energy?
A) Atomic notation
B) Atomic number
C) Continuous spectrum
D) Electron configuration
-------3. What is the term for an orbit that electrons occupy at a fixed
distance from the nucleus;
designated 1, 2, 3, 4….?
A) Energy level
B) Orbital
C) Shell.
D) Subshell
-------4. What is the simplest negative particle in an atom?
A) Alpha
B) Electron
C) Neuton
D) Proton
-------5. How many neutrons are in the nucleus of an atom of silver-107?
A) 47
B) 60
C) 107
D) 154
------6. What is the name of the family of elements in Group IIA/ 2?
A) Alkali metals
B) Alkaline earth metals
C) Halogens
D) Noble gases
-------7. Which fifth period representative element has the highest atomic
A) Bi
B) Cd
C) Sr
D) Xe
-------8. Predict the number of valence electrons for a sulfur atom.
A) 4
B) 6
C) 8
D) 16
-------9. Which of the following is a general trend for the ionization energy
of elements in the
periodic table?
A) Increases from left to right; increases from bottom to top
B) Increases from left to right; decreases from bottom to top
C) Decreases from left to right; increases from bottom to top
D) Decreases from left to right; decreases from bottom to top
-------10. What is the predicted ionic charge for a S ion?
A) 2+. B) 2C) 6+
D)6-------11. The compound H2O is classified as which of the following?
A) Binary ionic
B) Ternary ionic
C) Binary molecular
D) Binary acid
-------12. What is the term for a single atom bearing a positive or a
negative charge as the result
of gaining or losing valence electrons?
A) Anion
B) Cation C) Monoatomic ion
D) Polyatomic ion
-------13. The compound Na2SO4 is classified as which of the following?
A) Binary ionic
B) Ternary ionic
C) Binary molecular
D) Ternary Oxyacids
-------14. The H3O+ ion is classified as which of the following?
A) Monoatomic cation B) Monoatomic anion
C) Polyatomic cation
D) Polyatomic anion
-------15. What is the chemical formula for the binary compound composed of
Li+ and O2ions?
A) LiO
B) Li2O
C) LiO2
D) Li2O2
-------16. What is the term for the relative order of metals arranged by
their ability to undergo
A) Activity series
B) Reactivity series
C) Elemental series
D) Productivity series.
-------17. What is term for a type of reaction in which two cations in
different compounds
exchange anion?
A) Combination
B) Decomposition
C) Double replacement
D) Single replacement
-------18. What is the term for a digit in front of a chemical formula that
helps to balance a
chemical equation?
A) Coefficient
B) Exponent
C) Subscript
D) Superscript.
-------19. Which of the following elements occurs naturally as diatomic
A) Chlorine gas
B) Fluorine gas
C) Iodine gas
D) All of the above.
-------20. Which of the following statements below best describe the
following reaction?
Na2O(s) + CO2 (g)
Sodium carbonate decomposes with heat.
Sodium carbonate decomposes to sodium oxide and carbon dioxide
Sodium carbonate decomposes to sodium oxide and carbon dioxide gas
Solid sodium carbonate is heated to give solid sodium oxide and carbon
PART II – Show your work: (8 points each)
21a. Element X has natural isotopes; X-63 (62.940amu) and X-65 (64.928amu).
Calculate the
atomic mass of element X given the abundance of X-63 is 69.17%
b. Which element corresponds to each of the following electron configuration?
i. 1S2 2S2 2P5
ii. 1S2 2S2 2P6 3S2 3P6
iii 1S2 2S2 2P6 3S2 3P6 4S2 3d10 4P6 5 S2 4d5
iv. 1S2 2S2 2P6 3S2 3P6 4S2 3d10 4P6 5S2 4d10 5P5
22a. Predict the missing value (?) for each property listed below. The atomic
radius, density,
and boiling point are given for elements in group VIIA/17
Atomic Radius
Boiling Point
-34 - 34.60C
58. 58.80 C
b) Refer to the periodic table and write the predicted electronic
configuration for each of the
following negative ions using core notation.
(i) F- (ii) S2- (iii) N3- (iv) IC) According to general trends in the
periodic table, predict which element in each of the
following pairs has the larger atomic radius
(i) Rb and Sr
(ii) As and Se
(iii) Pb and Bi
(iv) I and Xe
23a. Write the chemical formula for the following ternary compounds given
their constituent
Lead (IV) sulfate, Pb4+ and SO42(ii)
Stannous chlorite, Sn2+ and ClO2(iii) Cobalt (II) hydroxide, Co2+ and OH(iv)
Mercurous phosphate, Hg22+ and PO43b. Provide the formula for each of the
following ionic compounds
(i) potassium nitrate
(ii) magnesium perchlorate
(iii) silver sulfate
(iv)aluminium dichromate
mercury (II) chloride
Lead (IV) sulfide
24a. Balance the following chemical equations:
(i) H2C O3(aq) + NH4 OH(aq)
(NH4)2CO3(aq) + H2O(l)
(ii) Hg2 (NO3)2(aq) + NaBr(aq)
Hg2Br2(s) + NaNO3(aq)
(iii) Mg(s) + HC2 H 3O2 (aq)
Mg(C2H3O2)2(aq) + H2(g)
(iv) Pb(s) + O2(g)
b) Write a balanced equation for each of the following combination reaction:
(i) Sulfur is heated with oxygen to form sulfur dioxide gas.
(ii) Sulfur is heated with oxygen and platinum catalyst to form sulfur
trioxide gas.
BONUS QUESTION – Show all your work. (10 points)
25a. Complete the table below by combining cations and oxyanions into
chemical formulas.
Give a systematic name for each of the compound.
Potassium ion
Iron (II) ion
Cobalt (III) ion
Hydroxide ion
Sulfite ion
Phosphate ion
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