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Spanish and Portuguese Colonies in
the Americas
Chapter 15.2
Focus Q: Jan. 9
How did Columbus treat the native people
he encountered in the West Indies?
Pages 472-73
Why do you think Columbus was so cruel
to the Natives he encountered?
What was one result of European
exploration of the Americas?
Governing the Colonies (provinces)
***Spain strictly controlled their empire:
Council of the Indies:
Monitored colonial officials***
Pass laws, etc.
Spreading Christianity
Saving souls by converting NA’s to
Christianity was as important as controlling
Franciscans, Jesuits, other missionaries
Set up missions, which become towns
Closely Controlling Trade
***to ensure the colonies would
be profitable, Spain established
strict trade laws for
its colonies***
Closely Controlling Trade
Colonies could only:
export gold and silver to Spain
Could only buy Spanish manufactured
A Spanish Priest Spoke Out
Against Slavery
• Bartolome de Las Casas
• Spain passed:
***New Laws of the Indies
Forbade the enslavement
or abuse of NA’s***
Spanish Colonial Society
1. ***Peninsulares:
born in Spain
top of Spanish colonial society***
2. ***Creoles: (native)
kids of Spanish
Spanish Colonial Society
3. Mestizo: NA and European
4. Mulatto: African and European
5. NA’s, African: lowest social classes
Notebook assignment
1. Define term, then draw and label
pictures to represent:
mulatto peoples.