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I. ________ Christopher Columbus inadvertently lands in the Caribbean, discovering the New World
II. __________________________________________
1. _________________ Explorer
2. Began exploration of the New World; landed in present-day Tampa Bay, FL in 1539
3. Discovered the ______________________________________
4. De Soto became ill and died; his men continued the expedition and eventually fled to Mexico to
escape hostile Natives
The importance of the ____________________________________________________
1. Eventually, the European powers would discover that there were not silver and gold mines in
North America equal to that of South America
2. Instead they learned that the most profit could be made from and commerce with the colonies
3. As colonies began to expand inland, a struggle for _____________ ________________ followed
4. Processing the MS river was a______________________ for controlling trade inland
COLONIAL PERIOD _________________________________ – Established 1699
II. La Salle
1. French Explorer
2. Found the mouth of the Mississippi River on April 9, __________
3. Proclaimed that all lands and tributaries of this mighty river belonged to France
4. After returning to France for supplies, he passed up the river and landed in Texas
a. While marching back East in search of the river, he was murdered by his crew
IV. Pierre le Moyne, Sieur __________________________
1. French explorer; distinguished French soldier
2. After La Salle failed, the French government sent him to find the mouth of the MS River
3. Found the mouth of the _________________________ but after sailing up it he decided the
land was too swampy to create a settlement
4. He went back down river and settled on the east side of Biloxi Bay in _____________
a. This settlement served as the capitol of Louisiana for a short time
V. ___________________ as a French Colony
1. d’Iberville and Bienville (French Governor) put acquiring wealth ahead of the colonies interests
a. sold supplies needed by the colony to the Spanish
b. French troops who were starving began to desert
2. France in a poor situation to undertake colony
a. Occupied in European ______________
i. 7 Years War
3. Louisiana had little to offer as a colony
a. ____________________________________________
b. ____________________________________________
c. ____________________________________________
d. ____________________________________________
e. ____________________________________________
VI. French and ______________ War (1754 – 1763)
1. France & Spain, w/ their Indian allies declared war against England and their Indian allies
2. England was victorious
VII. _________________________________________
1. Settled the terms of the French and Indian War
2. All French land in North America east of the MS River was given to England
Colonial Period (English Settlement) Established ______________
I. __________________________________ of 1763
1. Temporarily prohibited migration into the new area gained from France in the Treaty of Paris
a. A temporary measure to keep the Native Americans in the area and white settlers from
fighting over land
II. English ____________________
1. By 1765, the English began to encourage settlement
a. Free transportation to Protestants
b. Free rations while they got set up (living arrangements)
c. Free land
2. By 1775 the population ___________________
III. Rebellion and neglect during the American Revolution
1. By 1779 England was engulfed in the Revolutionary War on the east coast.
2. Knowing that they were vulnerable, Spain saw an opportunity to regain Florida and
_____________ ______________ on England
IV. ______________________________________________________
1. Settled the terms of the American Revolutionary War
2. The 13 colonies were recognized as independent
a. Awarded all land from the east coast to the MS River & from Canada south to Spanish
3. The line between Spanish Florida and America was unclear, and Spain wanted present day MS
4. America was just out of a war & in no position to fight the Spanish
Colonial Period (Spanish Settlement) Established
I. Manuel Gayoso de Lemos
1. Appointed governor of the _________________ district
2. Very young, dashing, quick to spend money
II. Early Spanish Success
1. __________________________________________
2. __________________________________________
3. __________________________________________
4. ___________________________________________________________
III. American Ambition
1. In 1795 (with Spain locked in European wars) America presses for Spanish land
2. Spanish officials were reluctant to give it up
a. Had little choice (could not afford a war in America)
IV. ___________________________________
1. Spain gave claims north of the 31st parallel to America
2. Also gave America navigation rights to the MS River
3. _______________ Mississippi Territory is created
4. ______________ – Mississippi achieves statehood