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Date: ________________
Block: 1A 1B 2A 2B 4A 4B
Name: _________________________________________
European Exploration of the Americas (1492-1700)
ch 2
This chapter discusses the competition among European countries for control of the Americas from 1492-1700. It
also describes the conquest of many Native American groups, the culture of Spanish colonies, and the origins of
slavery in the Americas.
Section 1: Spain Claims an Empire
Spain and Portugal argue over the Line of __________________. The Treaty of
Tordesillas decides _______________ gets most of eastern South America – present
day Brazil. Spain becomes the most powerful country.
European countries had 3 main goals during the age of exploration:
__________1. Spread Christianity beyond Europe (Missionaries were sent to convert Natives.)
__________2. Wanted to expand their empires
__________3. Wanted to become rich
____________________________is an economic system, which describes how
Europeans enriched their treasuries. Colonies helped them to do this. The colonies’
provided goods or _______________ for the country. They tried to ensure that
their imports did not exceed their exports and there was a favorable balance of
After Columbus’s first voyage there were many explorers to follow.
 Amerigo _____________– an Italian, who realized that he did not reach Asia but a new
continent and had it named after him by a German mapmaker – America.
 Vasco Nunez ___ __________ – a Spaniard claimed the Pacific Ocean for Spain.
 Ferdinand ______________ – a Portuguese sailor, is credited as the first to sail around
the world in 1522.
2 Famous Spanish Conquistadors:
Hernando ___________ – conquers Aztec empire in Mexico & Defeats Aztec emperor
Montezuma in 1519.
Francisco ____________– conquers Incas in Peru and defeats Incan emperor Atahualpa in 1531.
4 Reasons for Spanish Victories:
1. Spread of European _________________ kills million of Native Americans
2. Spanish excellent soldiers and have superior __________________
3. Spain made alliances with Native Americans who were enemies of ___________ & ____________
4. Spanish ____________________ acted brutally toward the Native Americans under their control
Spain then began to explore other parts of North and South America.
 Hernando ___ __________ set out for ______________.
 Francisco ___ _____________ traveled through South Western USA.