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Spanish Explorers
By John Eichmann
Amerigo Vespucci
1500s – Italian who
visited the northern
coast of South
Ferdinand Magellan
1518 – First European to
head exploration that
circumnavigated the
Died during the journey in
what is now the
Juan Sebastian El Cano
1522 –
command of
voyage and
finished his
Hernando Cortes
1519- Defeated the
Aztec empire and
created Spanish
settlements in what is
now Mexico
Francisco Pizarro
1531 – Conquered
the Incan empire and
created Spanish
settlements in what in
South America
Ponce de Leon
1513 -Explored region
of what is today the
state of Florida
1528- Explored what
is today the American
southwest and
claimed it for Spain
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
1513– The governor of
Spanish settlement that is
now the Republic of
Pedro de Mendoza
1536 – Founded the
city of Buenos Aires
in what is now
Alvarez de Pineda
1519- Explored the
coast of what is now
Hernando de Soto
Crossed the Mississippi River in North
Successes of Spain
Invented the galleon, the most
modern ship for that time
Gained naval control of the Atlantic
Succeeded Portugal as the largest
empire of the world.
Failures of Spain
Extended slavery in the Americas
Became dependent on wealth and did not
improve life in Spain
Empire too big to manage, causing
regions to become independent