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CRASH COURSE: The Spanish Empire
Homework Viewing Activity
Directions: Complete the activity as you watch the crash course
segment on the Spanish Empire.
1. What divisions existed in Aztec social structure?
2. How were Aztec & Incan infrastructure constructed?
3. What system was used to conscript labor?
4. What governmental divisions existed in the Spanish new world?
5. Why was it a problem for the Spanish to use the Mita for mining?
6. Why were slaves not used in S. America for mining?
7. Why did Spain’s silver influx cause inflation?
8. What did Spain use their money for?
9. Which son inherited Charles V’s Spanish kingdom?
10. What were the causes of the war between Spain & the Netherlands?
11. What did American silver make possible?
12. Where did 1/3 of the American silver go?
13. Which country was the leading producer of consumer goods until the 19 th
14. What other country had a lot of silver?
15. During the Ming dynasty what policy caused silk production to skyrocket?
16. China and Spain both suffered from what economic phenomenon?