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Science Chapter 7 Study Guide
Please know the definitions of the following:
Important Facts to Remember:
Saturn and Jupiter are the largest planets in the Solar System.
The New Moon is the phase of the Moon between the Sun and Earth.
Earth’s trip around the Sun takes one year.
The cycle of day and night is caused by Earth’s rotation.
Earth revolves around the Sun and has a tilted axis. This causes seasons.
Moonlight does not come directly from the Moon.
Know the following:
The order of the planets from the Sun
The shared characteristics of the inner planets
What a picture of a gibbous Moon looks like
How to interpret data from a chart to see how distance from the Sun
affects the length of a planet’s year
How to use a chart to figure differences in diameters, when diameters
are given
Would footprints made on the Moon last a long time? Why or why not?
Describe 4 important facts about the Sun.
Extra Credit
Which of the planets gets the least amount of sunlight and why?