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The Story Of The Moon...
4.5 billion years ago, not too long after the Earth formed, the
moon developed. At the time of the moons formation, their were 8
planets in our solar system. A planet approximately the size of Mars
revolved very closely to the Earth. This planet made several close passes
towards the Earth, altering it’s orbit. Based off of how close the two
planets were when they met in orbit, it was only a matter of time
before one was struck by the other.
At last, the planet touched the Earth, in what we call ‘a glancing
blow.’ As a result of the impact, a ring of debris was blasted into orbit
around the Earth. The debris consisted of a mixture of different
materials including pieces from the mantle, crust, and impactor. The
debris eventually collected together through progressive collision
forming larger objects, and eventually forming one large object, which
we call the moon.
Billions of years later the moon still orbits our Earth today. We,
however, are unable to see the impacted location on the Earth by the
other planet that formed the moon because of many years of erosion
and weathering.