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Space – Review
1. What is the difference between an equinox and a solstice?
2. How long does it take:
a) The Earth to orbit the sun?
b) The moon to orbit the earth?
3. How long is a year? Day? Month?
4. What are the planets of our solar system ( in order)?
5. What is a solar eclipse? Lunar Eclipse?
6. Which one lasts longer?
7. What is a comet? A meteor? A meteorite? An asteroid?
8. What are the phases of the moon? Be prepared to draw them?
9. What are the phases in the life of a star? Describe each one.
10. What is the difference between a galaxy and a constellation?
11. What is gravity? How is it different on the moon? Why?
12. What are jovian planets? Terrestrial planets?
13. How big is the moon compared to earth? How big is earth compared to the sun?
14. What are 3 characteristics of space?
15. What is responsible for the Earth’s seasons?
16. Both the moon and the sun are bright objects in the sky, but the produce their light in
different ways. Describe each way.