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The Sun, The Moon and The
By Ellie T
• The Sun is a star and
the centre of the
solar system
• Its millions of miles
away from the Earth
• The Sun is a huge ball
of burning gas and
has a surface
temperature of 5,000
degrees Celsius
• The Sun is so bright it
is dangerous to look
• The sun gives lots of
energy on earth we
see the suns energy
as light and heat
• The sun appears to
be yellow but it is
actually white the
earths atmosphere
makes it look yellow
• A Moon is a natural
satellite or object
that orbits a planet.
• The earth has one
moon which you can
often see in the night
• Many sciences
believe it was formed
millions of years ago
when the earth was
still young.
• It is though that a
sister planet
crashed into earth
making a massive
collision creating a
massive fire ball.
• The impact would
have thrown molten
rock, gases and
debris into space.
• The Earth was
formed by debris
such as dust and
gases around
4,600 million
years ago.
• Earth is the third
planet from the
sun and the fifth
largest planet in
our solar system.