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Solar System Notes
Solar System- A group of planets, moons and other satellites that orbit around a
The Sun-the most important object in our solar system.
Our sun provides light and heat for earth
Our sun is a star
When the sun rises and sets it looks like it is moving but it is not actually moving
E.Q. Why is the sun the most important object in our solar system?
Are caused by the Earth revolving around the sun and the tilt of the earth on its
Revolution- The earth goes around the sun. It takes 365 days to complete 1
Axis- Imaginary line that runs through the center of the earth. The earth rotates
around it.
Orbit- The path a planet takes around the sun.
Day and Night is caused by Earth’s rotation around its axis
Rotation- The earth spinning on its axis –it takes 24 hours for the earth to rotate
Study Jam Video-Seasons
Earth Notes:
Earth is the only planet to have a water source that is usable
Earth is the perfect distance from the sun so that we don’t freeze or burn
Earth has the perfect amount of gravity
Earth is the only planet to support life
Moon Notes:
The moons gravity causes earths tides
On the moon we weigh less because the pull of gravity is less
The light the moon has is really a reflection of the sun’s light
New Moon-looks invisible
Full Moon- is full of light
Waxing Moon-Appears to be getting bigger-right side
Waning Moon-Appears to be getting smaller-left side
Constellations-A group of stars that form a pattern or picture
Planet Notes
Inner Planets- 4 planets closest to the sun
Outer Planets-4 planets farthest from the sun