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*Working Capital management
*Capital structure
*Ratio analysis
*Financial Modeling of a company for last 10 years, leading to a analysis of its ratios
*Liquidity Analysis
*Comparative Valuation
*Corporate lending
*Industry analysis and company analysis on a scenario basis, competitiveness, growth potential and
credit analysis
*Debtor management
*Research in Risk management, Banking, Derivatives etc
*International Banking, Foreign Exchange, Monetary Economics, Micro Finance, Rural Finance
*The Effects of Financial Constraints on Corporate Investment Decisions and Demand for Liquidity
*Corporate finance
*Capital budgeting
*Virtual finance
*Financial Planning and forecasting
*Structured Finance
*Computational finance
*Optimization Methods in Finance
*Dependence on external finance: an inherent industry characteristic?
*Project Finance as a Tool for Growth
*Creating Value through Financial Management
*Cost Reduction and Control
*New Financial Approaches for the Economic Sustainability in Manufacturing Industry
*Activity-based costing and management
*Fundamental Analysis to Assess Earnings Quality
*EQA Earnings quality Analysis
*Zero Base Budgeting
*International business
*International finance
*Investment banking
*Investment management
*Venture Capital
*Financial Management, Its concept and applications
*Time value of money
*Valuation of securities
*Cash Management. Accounts receivable management
*Operating and financial leverage
*Capital structure determination
*Dividend policy
*Public Finance
*Principles of taxation
*Types of taxes
*Effects of taxes
*Public expenditure
*Corporate taxation
*Lease plan
*Customs and Indian regulations act
*Risk and return
*Valuation of securities
*Stock Market
*Investments and mutual funds
*Workers Participation in Management
*Effectiveness of Training(Do it as Research Project)
*Role of HRM Department in ERP (SAP/People soft)
*Role of HRM Department in Growing Organization
*Competency Mapping
*Job evaluation
*Employee satisfaction
*Compensation review
*360 degree feedback
*Recruitment Process
*General evaluation
*Mapping training need of employees
*Succession planning in Senior management
*Retention strategy in a manufacturing set up
*Performance Management System
*Employee Welfare Measure
*360 degree Appraisal
*Quality of Work life
*HRD Practices
*Factors determining Job Satisfaction of Employees
*Stress Management
*Employee retention Techniques
*Settlement of Grievance (Do it in Manufacturing concern)
*360 degree feedback and appraisal system of an organization
*Training needs evaluation of manufacturing organization
*Strategic human resource design for a company
*Study of staffing and recruiting challenges in India
*Remuneration and employee motivation
* Motivation of employees in steel industry
*Labour laws and legislation in India
*Different approaches for employee safety and health
*Research on advantages and disadvantages of vertical or horizontal organization
*Employee retention strategies for financial services industry
*Leadership styles and analysis of the most suitable style in today’s environment
*Change Management
*Employee Engagement (A very Hot Topic in the Market)
*Employee Retention
*Training & Development
*Competency Mapping
*Industrial Psychology
*Skill gap identification and suggest methods to address this deficiency
*Competency based training assessment and evaluation
*Psychometric based assessment test
*Brand positioning and advertising
*Social and environment marketing
*Marketing research for food chains
*Entry strategy for companies in emerging economies
*Comparison of marketing strategies amongst a few companies
*Brand evolution and benefits
*SWOT & PEST analysis for same sector companies
*Realigning marketing and sales network
*Sales & distribution management for production related companies
*Services marketing in banking and hospitality
*Innovative marketing for corporate responsibility
* Rural: Challenge, Opportunity & Strategy
* A to Z of Consumer Buying Behavior
* Building Brands Marketing
* Marketing Strategy of (Particular Company)
* Online Advertisement Management Program
* Web Advertising and Marketing
* Mobile Marketing
* Marketing Customer expectations
* Marketing Pricing Strategies
* Marketing Management Slides
* Marketing mix on (Particular Company)
* Marketing Research
* Market saturation
* Launch of New product
* Marketing of New Products