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Course Information and Descriptions
LPO 145
Photonic CAD Applications (2-2)
3 Hours
This course will introduce students to the use of computer aided
design (CAD) in the field of photonics. Students will utilize a CAD
program in the design of mechanical structures and optical
assemblies as well as for lens design and ray-tracing of a light ray
through the lens system.
Prerequisite: LPO 111 and CAD 170 (previously CAD 173) (both C
or better)
LPO 211
Geometric and Wave Optics (1.5-3)
3 Hours
The course offers a more advanced look at many of the topics
covered in Fundamentals of Light and Lasers (LPO 111). Topics
include Imaging with multiple lenses, F-stops and apertures, Optical
Systems, Matrix Optics, Fundamentals of fiber optics, Interference,
Diffraction, Polarization, and Holography.
Prerequisite: LPO 111 (C or better)
LPO 212
Elements of Photonics II (2-2)
3 Hours
This course builds upon Elements of Photonics (LPO 112) and
covers additional laser systems including excimer lasers, fiber lasers,
diode lasers, dye lasers, and others. In lab students will experience
advanced applications with hands-on laser optical systems and
Prerequisite: LPO 112 (C or better)
LPO 250
Laser and Electro-Optic Devices (1.5-3)
3 Hours
This course offers a more advanced look at many of the devices used
in a photonics lab. Physical characteristics of photodetectors, such as
response time and detectivity, will be measured and compared to
published device specifications and further verified using
computerized diagnostic equipment. Measuring the thermal effects of
a laser by applying different types of photodetectors to optical
systems will be explored. Students will further investigate other
wave based energy using light to transmit digitized data.
Prerequisite: LPO 112 (C or better)
LPO 290
Laser, Photonics and Optics
Capstone Proposal (.5-1)
1 Hour
This course will require students, or teams of students, to decide on a
capstone project to be completed in LPO Project or Research
Capstone (LPO 291). Proposed projects must be cleared with the
instructor to verify that they meet program requirements and that
they can be supported by the college. An outline of the project, a
description of any lab setup, and a formal proposal will be
documented. Students deciding to work in teams will include
member responsibilities and timelines in their outlines.
Prerequisite: LPO 113 (C or better)
LPO 291
Laser, Photonics and Optics Project
or Research Capstone (.5-5 hours)
3 Hours
This course will require students, or teams of students, to work on a
capstone project. Students must complete the project under the
guidance of the instructor to ensure the project, as proposed in LPO
290 and LPO 291 course requirements, are maintained. Students will
create a log of the project with a timeline, a working model of any
lab setup (or nonworking with an acceptable reason), and a CAD or
similar drawing of optical apparatus. In addition a formal report for
the course will be produced along with a poster for submittal to a
Prerequisite: LPO 290 (C or better)
Latin-American Studies (LAT)
Communication Arts, Humanities and
Fine Arts Division, Room B210, (847) 543-2040
LAT 121
Introduction to Latin
American Studies (3-0)
3 Hours
This course will provide an overview of the Latin American and
Caribbean people and their countries, from their origins to the
present. Some of the areas examined are the political, cultural,
historical, and ethnicity issues that affect these civilizations.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness
Fulfills the CLC I/M Education Requirement.
Liberal Arts and Science (LAS)
Educational Affairs Office, Room C206,
(847) 543-2411
LAS 221
Sophomore Seminar (3-0)
3 Hours
An in-depth cross-disciplinary examination of selected topics arising
from existing CLC transfer courses. Content varies.
Library Science (LSC)
Communication Arts, Humanities and
Fine Arts Division, Room B210, (847) 543-2040
LSC 121
Research Skills for the Real World (1-0)
1 Hour
This course equips students to critically and ethically use
information while in college and beyond. Students completing this
course will recognize when their own knowledge and resources are
not sufficient to meet their information needs. They will learn how to
find, evaluate, and effectively utilize information in a variety of
formats pertinent to their educational, professional, and life goals.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness
Library Technical Assistant (LTA)
Communication Arts, Humanities and
Fine Arts Division, Room B210, (847) 543-2040
LTA 121
Introduction to Library Science (3-0)
3 Hours
This course introduces the fundamentals of the field of library
science. Students gain knowledge of the ethics and values,
governance structures, processes, services, personnel, and
organizational models in libraries. It also explores the Library
Technical Assistant career.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness