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Course Information and Descriptions
ITL 224
Italian Civilization II (3-0)
3 Hours
This is the second semester of a course designed to give the
advanced student of Italian the opportunity to increase proficiency in
the Italian language and knowledge of the Italian culture. A carefully
selected series of readings and supplementary materials will provide
the basis for the development of language and culture skills.
Prerequisite: ITL 223
IAI: H1 900
Japanese (JPN)
Communication Arts, Humanities and
Fine Arts Division, Room B210, (847) 543-2040
JPN 121
Beginning Japanese I (4-0)
4 Hours
This course develops basic skills in pronunciation, vocabulary,
grammar, reading, listening, comprehension, and oral and written
communication within the context of Japanese culture.
JPN 122
Beginning Japanese II (4-0)
4 Hours
This course continues to develop the basic skills introduced in JPN
121: pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing of
Kana and Kanji, listening comprehension, and oral and written
communication within the context of Japanese culture.
Prerequisite: JPN 121
JPN 221
Intermediate Japanese I (4-0)
4 Hours
Designed to continue the development of basic skills, this course is a
general review and expansion of beginning grammar, along with
conversation, vocabulary development, and reading and writing of
Kana and Kanji within the context of Japanese culture.
Prerequisite: JPN 122
JPN 222
Intermediate Japanese II (4-0)
4 Hours
This course continues to expand the knowledge of Japanese
grammar, with emphasis in verbal and written communication.
Students will use various sentence patterns and speech styles with
Kana and Kanji (additional 100 Kanji). Films, short videos, readings
and materials from newspapers, magazines, and media are utilized so
students explore the Japanese speaking world and cultures based on
authentic materials.
Note: Field trip attendance is required.
Prerequisite: JPN 221
Fulfills the CLC I/M Education Requirement.
IAI: H1 900
JPN 223
Japanese Civilization I (3-0)
3 Hours
This course is designed to give the advanced Japanese language and
culture students more opportunity in reading and writing complex
material with new Kanji. It is also designed to expand the students’
knowledge of Japanese culture through articles and films.
Communication skills will be gained through group discussions.
Prerequisite: JPN 222 or equivalent (C or better)
JPN 224
Japanese Civilization II (3-0)
3 Hours
This course is a continuation of Japanese Civilization I. Advanced
Japanese language and culture students will continue to gain cultural
enrichment through lively discussions, readings, and writing about
Japan. This course will incorporate a broad variety of materials from
literary works, films, articles, and media in order to provide students
the opportunity to understand and apply the Japanese language.
Prerequisite: JPN 223 or equivalent (C or better)
Laser/Photonics/Optics (LPO)
Engineering, Math and Physical Sciences Division,
Room T102, (847) 543-2044
LPO 110
Introduction to Lasers,
Photonics and Optics (2-2)
3 Hours
This course will introduce students to the field of photonics,
including a variety of optics and photonics laboratory equipment.
Additionally, lab safety skills as defined by the American National
Standards Institute (ANSI) Z136.5 standard will be practiced.
Students will be responsible for writing lab reports, performing
related calculations, graphing data collected, logging that data in a
lab notebook and completing reports in office software. Students will
investigate the responsibilities of photonics technicians and potential
careers in photonics by visiting area photonics companies.
Prerequisite: MTH 102 (C or better) or appropriate score on the
math placement test AND College Reading and Writing Readiness or
concurrent enrollment in ENG109 or ELI 109 or ENG 100
LPO 111
Fundamentals of Light and Lasers (3-2)
4 Hours
Topics covered include the nature and property of light, light
sources, laser safety, geometrical and physical optics, and principles
of lasers. Selected topics in math will be reviewed in conjunction
with topics in photonics. Typical math topics embedded in this
course include scientific notation, introductory algebra, geometry,
trigonometry, exponents and logarithms.
Prerequisite: MTH 118 (C or better) or minimum Math ACT score
of 25 or appropriate Math Placement Test. Language skills
equivalent to ENG 108, ELI 107 or ELI 108 (C or better) OR a
COMPASS ELI score of 251 OR 122 on the APT placement test.
LPO 112
Elements of Photonics (2-2)
3 Hours
This course covers the basic principles of lasers and other photonic
devices used in fiber optics, imaging, display and storage
Prerequisite: LPO 111 or consent of instructor
LPO 113
Photonics-Enabled Technologies (2-2)
3 Hours
The subject matter covered in this course includes topics such as
laser welding; laser drilling, cutting and marking; test and
measurement applications; forensic science and homeland security;
and basic spectroscopy principles. Course topics have a strong
manufacturing orientation.
Prerequisite: LPO 111 or consent of instructor
LPO 134
Introduction to Biophotonics (3-2)
4 Hours
This course covers the basic principles of biology crucial to the
understanding of biological, biomedical, and ecological applications
of photonics. Biophotonics has emerged from interdisciplinary
research and applications of the biological, chemical, and physical
sciences, and engineering. This course provides a broad overview of
the countless applications of photonics in these fields.
Prerequisite: LPO 111 and LPO 112 (both C or better); and BIO 123
or BIO 161 (both C or better)