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Course Information and Descriptions
HUS 117
Behavior Assessment (4-0)
4 Hours
Presents the idea of planned intervention to human systems utilizing
verified principles of behavior change. Emphasis placed on the ways
in which behavior is determined by factors in natural social
situations. Research and the practical application of behavior change
techniques are stressed.
Prerequisite: PSY 121 (C or better)
HUS 121
Health and Nutrition (3-0)
3 Hours
The course focuses on personal health needs of the individual,
including nutrition, health, and safety issues with emphasis on
meeting health/safety needs for children, adolescents, and adults in
group settings. A healthy lifestyle, preventive health, and community
health are examined.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness AND Basic
Algebra Readiness
HUS 123
Introduction to Group Dynamics (3-0)
3 Hours
(Formerly HUS 113) This course introduces basic concepts and
theories of group dynamics, including group development and
functioning, communication patterns, leadership, and conflict
management. Laboratory experiences provide opportunities for selfawareness through observations of group behavior, working within
groups, and group leadership.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness
HUS 128
Introduction to Counseling Skills (2-2)
3 Hours
(Formerly HUS 118) This course provides the student with an
introduction to the foundational theories and skills necessary in the
counseling field and explores the dynamics of establishing positive
relationships with people in need of human services. The counseling
process and the issues of intervention, therapeutic interviewing,
confidentiality, and empathic communication will be presented. This
course includes a mandatory field experience of 40 hours with an
HUS Department Chair pre-approved social service agency.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness
HUS 132
Trauma, Violence, and Prevention (3-0)
3 Hours
This course provides an introduction to the knowledge, skills, and
values necessary for working in the area of trauma, victim services,
advocacy and treatment, and violence prevention in contemporary
society. Theoretical concepts will be introduced on the following
topics: causes of trauma, types of trauma and violence, violence
prevention, crisis intervention, stress management for client and
provider, cultural competency, grief and loss, post-traumatic stress
disorder, and victimization. Students will explore the problems and
the social welfare agencies responding to the experiences of diverse
populations in these areas.
Prerequisite: HUS 128 (formerly HUS 118) or HUS 140 (formerly
HUX 170) (both C or better)
HUS 134
Gender-Based Violence (4-0)
4 Hours
This course will provide the student with an understanding and
knowledge of the specialized areas of Domestic Violence and Sexual
Assault and the content required of anyone who wishes to
understand, work, or volunteer within these fields. Specific topics
addressed will be rape trauma syndrome, post-traumatic stress
disorder, cycle of violence, the impact to victims and their families,
same-sex violence, confidentiality, mandated reporting to the
Department of Children and Family Services, and interventions to
support the healing process. This course consists of the equivalent of
the two mandatory 40-hour trainings combined into one 60-hour
training. Mandatory trainings are required prior to working directly
with victims of either sexual assault or domestic violence. Upon
completion of this course, students will earn certifications for
volunteering or working in the Sexual Assault and Domestic
Violence fields. This course is intended for students in any field and
community members from all walks of life who want to learn to help
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness or consent of
department chair
Recommended: HUS 128 (formerly HUS 118) (C or better)
HUS 140
Drugs and Society (3-0)
3 Hours
(Formerly HUX 170) This course provides the student with an
historical background of drugs of abuse and their impact on
individuals and society. Topics addressed include an in-depth study
of specific licit and illicit drugs and the pharmacological and
behavioral effects within the major classifications of substances.
Additional topics include laws and regulations, individual and
societal problems, prevention strategies, and trends and statistics.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness
HUS 151
Addiction Counseling and Treatment I (3-0) 3 Hours
This course will provide an overview of addiction, including the
addiction process, addictive disorders, treatment and recovery,
relapse, self-help groups, and milieu management. Students will
study theories of addiction, and gain an understanding of addiction
as a brain disease and how drugs affect the physical, emotional, and
social aspects of the person. Societal and cultural views of addiction
will be discussed. In addition, this course will focus on assessment
and treatment of families where one or more members have an
addictive disorder. Topics in this area include codependency, survival
strategies of family members, and family interaction patterns and
communication processes. Intervention techniques will also be
Prerequisite: HUS 123 (formerly HUS 113), HUS 128 (formerly
HUS 118), and HUS 140 (formerly HUX 170) (all C or better)
HUS 152
Process Addictions/Impulse Disorders (2-0) 2 Hours
(Formerly HUX 172) This course will examine the addictive process
as it is manifested in diverse social behaviors. Students will study
similarities and differences of process/behavioral addictions, impulse
control disorders, and compulsive behaviors. Focus will be on
etiology, assessment, treatment, legal issues, and family issues.
These various behaviors and disorders will include, but not be
limited to the following: gambling, eating disorders, work, sex,
compulsive buying, shoplifting, pyromania, and intermittent
explosive disorder. The relationship of these disorders will be
compared and contrasted with alcohol and other drug addictions.
Prerequisite: HUS 140 (formerly HUX 170) (C or better)