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Course Information and Descriptions
DHY 232 General and Oral Pathology (2-0)
2 Hours
This course focuses on the fundamentals of the general and oral
pathological processes. Emphasis is placed on the diseases and
disease processes of the periodontal tissues and oral structures.
Clinical manifestations of disease will be correlated with dental
hygiene practice.
Corequisite: DHY 211
Course fee
DHY 271 Community Dentistry I (2-0)
2 Hours
This course introduces the current concepts of community health.
The course focuses on how community dental health issues relate to
the delivery of dental care to society. Emphasis is placed on the
value of the role of the dental hygienist in public health. Students
will learn to review and interpret dental scientific literature.
Corequisite: DHY 211
Course fee
DHY 272 Community Dentistry II (0-4)
1 Hour
This course focuses on implementation and evaluation of community
outreach programs and the delivery of dental care to society.
Corequisite: DHY 212
Course fee
Digital Media and Design (DMD)
Communication Arts, Humanities and
Fine Arts Division, Room B210, (847) 543-2040
DMD 111 Introduction to Digital Media (3-0)
3 Hours
This course will explore the variety of hardware and software now
used to produce digital media, from simple audience-oriented
presentations to highly interactive applications. Through lectures,
demonstrations, and hands-on laboratory experience, we will
examine the production techniques, application uses, trends, business
and legal concerns, design elements, and the product evaluation
standards currently used in the digital media industry. Students will
develop the design, storyboards, and prototype for a project.
Course fee
DMD 113 History of Graphic Design (3-0)
3 Hours
This course is a general survey of the history of graphic design from
its origins to contemporary practice. The goals of this course are to
provide the following: the visual vocabulary of the development of
signs and symbols, insight into the continuity of design thinking,
understanding the social/political context of the practice, foundation
for pursuit of research in the field of design.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness
Course fee
DMD 115 Internet Fundamentals (3-0)
3 Hours
This course addresses in detail everything students need to know to
access, explore, and use the world’s richest information resource: the
Internet. The course examines software, online provider options,
costs, the telecommunication process, E-mail, FTP, Chat, Usenet, the
World Wide Web and Web 2.0. Students will get step by step
instructions on how to access, research, and retrieve academic,
personal, and professional information.
Course fee
DMD 116 Web Design and Development (2-2)
3 Hours
This course is an introduction to Web page design and creation using
industry standard Web design software. Students will learn to use
graphics, sound, video, animation, scripts, and Cascading Style
Sheets (CSS) to enhance Web pages. The course will cover the basic
concepts of Web design and color with an emphasis on designing for
visual appeal and user-friendly navigation. Students will also gain a
fundamental knowledge of HTML/XHTML and the skills to publish
and maintain Web sites.
Note: Recommended DMD 111 or DMD 115 or student must
possess basic computer/Internet skills which include creating, saving,
and editing files in the Windows or MAC operating systems;
performing basic editing (copy/paste); copying files; using folders
and subfolders to organize and manage files; downloading files off
the Internet; opening Web sites; and using search engines.
Course fee
DMD 117 Concepts in New Media (3-0)
3 Hours
This course is an introductory evaluation of the critical concepts of
new media, and their impact on our society and culture. Through
readings, lectures, group discussions and hands-on experience,
students will study the technical, economic, political, legal, aesthetic,
and cultural implications of new media.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness
Course fee
DMD 157 Introduction to Animation (2-2)
3 Hours
This course will introduce students to 2D animation using state-ofthe-art industry relevant software and hardware. Students will
explore various animation concepts and techniques including history,
drawing, rotoscoping, basic movement, timing, soundtrack/dialogue
synchronization, and editing. Through lectures, discussions,
demonstrations and screenings students will view and discuss
animation that is currently used in television, film, interactive media
and the Internet.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness
Course fee
DMD 173 Introduction to Digital Sound (3-0)
3 Hours
This course introduces students to the exploration of digital sound
for multimedia. Students will learn how to manipulate wave files,
understand various sound file formats, compressions, history of
digital sound, and the difference between analog and digital sound
editing. Students will write and develop sound scripts and sound
projects for multimedia. Students will explore the different job
functions of audio production and learn to work together in a team
environment. The course will also introduce students to the basics of
producing audio for the Web and interactive applications.
Course fee
DMD 174 Typography (2-2)
3 Hours
This course introduces students to the use of typography within the
design process. Major topics to cover include anatomy of
letterforms, type history, classification systems, methods of
typographic communication, critical comparisons of type styles,
contemporary trends and typography as image. Students will learn
both technical and creative ways type can be used through lectures,
discussion, critiques, and hands-on projects. The course explores 2D
communication and design solutions using typography.
Prerequisite: DMD 113 or ART 122
Course fee