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Course Information and Descriptions
ANT 228 Cross-Cultural Relationships (3-0)
3 Hours
Combining the anthropological traditions of a strong cross-cultural
approach, a focus on small-scale cultures, and an emphasis on
traditionally underrepresented groups, this course offers a unique
perspective on the analysis and understanding of the globalization
process. Application of anthropological concepts, techniques, and
information will be applied to understanding the global mix of
cultures increasingly forged by economic development, with
particular attention given to the relationships, obligations, and
responsibilities of small and large-scale cultures.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness
Fulfills the CLC I/M Education Requirement.
IAI: S1 904D
ANT 299 Special Topics in Anthropology (Variable) 1-3 Hours
This course addresses the in-depth study of special topics in
anthropology that do not have specific courses in the catalogue.
Course content will vary depending on the topic being studied and
may include topics in Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Physical
Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, and Linguistic Anthropology.
This course may be taken four times for a maximum of 6 hours
towards degree completion.
Prerequisite: To be determined relative to topic
May be taken four times, but any topic only once
Arabic (ARA)
Communication Arts, Humanities and
Fine Arts Division, Room B210, (847) 543-2040
ARA 121 Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I (4-0) 4 Hours
An introduction to the phonology and writing systems of modern
standard Arabic and its basic vocabulary and fundamental structures.
This course offers combined training in listening, speaking, reading,
and writing through dialogues, texts, and narratives with historical,
literary, and religious content.
ARA 122
Elementary Modern Standard
Arabic II (4-0)
4 Hours
A continuation of the mastery of Arabic phonology, basic
vocabulary, and fundamental syntax. This course puts emphasis on
oral reading and writing practice based on selected texts from
Islamic literature, including the Qur’an and Hadith.
Prerequisite: ARA 121
ARA 221
Intermediate Modern Standard
Arabic I (4-0)
4 Hours
Expansion of the student’s understanding of the Arabic language
with active vocabulary and structure and the development of reading
and oral skills. Selected readings include texts and narratives from
various genres of Arabic prose literature.
Prerequisite: ARA 122
ARA 222
Intermediate Modern Standard
4 Hours
Arabic II (4-0)
This course continues to expand the knowledge of Arabic grammar,
with emphasis in verbal and written communication. Films, readings
and materials from newspapers, magazines, and media are utilized so
students explore the Arabic-speaking world and cultures based on
authentic materials.
Prerequisite: ARA 221
Fulfills the CLC I/M Education Requirement.
IAI: H1 900
Architectural Technology (ARC)
Engineering, Math and Physical Sciences Division,
Room T102, (847) 543-2044
ARC 121 Architectural Graphics (2-3)
3 Hours
A course which presents the fundamental principles of graphical
communication for the Architectural student in architectural terms.
Students will learn to understand the built environment through
drawing. Students will learn to communicate concepts verbally and
graphically through both hand and computer drawing.
Course fee
ARC 151
Advanced Concepts of Project/
AutoCAD Management (2-2)
3 Hours
Course is designed to teach an understanding of the concepts of
sharing data through xref management as it relates to the division of
AutoCAD files regarding the use of xref base drawing, model space
drawing and paper space drawing. Establishing files that relate to the
indexing of Construction Drawings will also be addressed.
Prerequisite: ARC 121 and CAD 117
ARC 170 Architectural Design (2-3)
3 Hours
This course enables the student to become familiar with the basic
principles and considerations involved in the functional aesthetic
aspects of architectural design. The course further provides the
student with practical “hands on” experience in solving architectural
design problems.
Note: Completion of Architectural Graphics (ARC 121) or an
equivalent drawing course is recommended. Some knowledge of
architectural materials and construction techniques will be helpful.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness AND Basic
Algebra Readiness
Course fee
ARC 171 Architectural Working Drawings (2-2)
3 Hours
This course provides the student with the knowledge and skills
necessary to draw detailed building construction documents.
Students draw site plans, foundation plans, floor plans, elevations
and sections.
Prerequisite: ARC 121, CAD 117, and CAD 178 (previously CAD
214) (all C or better)
Course fee
Typically offered fall only
ARC 211 Structural Steel Design (2-3)
3 Hours
Relating of structural steel components to a total structural system.
Note: Student must furnish basic required equipment.
Prerequisite: EGR 216