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Course Information and Descriptions
FST 218
Fire Officer Supervision (3-0)
3 Hours
Introduction to objectives and techniques of fire company
management. Acquaints the student with the role and function of the
company officer. Discussion of management theories and practices;
includes planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling.
Recognized by the Office of the State Fire Marshal towards Fire
Officer 1/ Management 1.
Prerequisite: FST 111
FST 273
Fire Science Business and Operations (3-0) 3 Hours
The advanced study of management principles and techniques used
by mid-level officers. These studies will include: management of
resources; personnel, money, facilities, and time; principles of
delegation, problem solving and motivation. Recognized by the
Office of the State Fire Marshal toward Fire Officer 2/Management
Prerequisite: FST 111
FST 274
Fire Administration and the Law (3-0)
3 Hours
Management principles and techniques used by future or current
chief officers in the fire service. Acquaints the student to principles
of public relations, labor relations, personnel management, and
administrative liability, including: criminal and civil liability,
disciplinary hearings, avoiding lawsuits, administrative
investigations, and State and Federal Regulations. Recognized by the
Office of the State Fire Marshal toward Fire Officer 2/Management
Prerequisite: FST 111
FST 279
Special Topics in the Fire Service (3-0)
3 Hours
This course will take a subject of topical interest such as rescue
practices, water supply analysis or reporting systems and cover that
subject in depth. Because topics will vary widely from year to year a
student may seek approval to repeat this course once for credit.
May be taken twice for credit toward degree
French (FRN)
Communication Arts, Humanities and
Fine Arts Division, Room B210, (847) 543-2040
FRN 121
Beginning Conversational French I (4-0)
4 Hours
Fundamentals of language necessary for understanding, speaking,
reading and writing of French. Practice in pronunciation from
dialogues and pattern practices.
FRN 122
Beginning Conversational French II (4-0) 4 Hours
Fundamentals of language necessary for understanding, speaking,
reading, and writing of French. Practice in pronunciation from
dialogues and pattern practices. This is a continuation of FRN 121.
Prerequisite: FRN 121
FRN 221
Intermediate French I (4-0)
4 Hours
Review and further study of grammar concepts, continued aural-oral
practice, simple conversation and selected readings with text
Prerequisite: FRN 122
FRN 222
Intermediate French II (4-0)
4 Hours
This course reviews and expands the use of French grammar by
introducing more advanced structures into verbal and written
communication. Films, material from newspapers and magazines,
and from other media will enable students to use authentic materials
that are culturally relevant to explore further the French-speaking
world and its culture.
Prerequisite: FRN 221 (C or better)
Fulfills the CLC I/M Education Requirement.
IAI: H1 900
FRN 223
French Civilization I (3-0)
3 Hours
Composition and conversation based on contemporary writings
emphasizing the social, political, economic and literary trends of
modern France.
Prerequisite: FRN 222
IAI: H1 900
FRN 224
French Civilization II (3-0)
3 Hours
Study of France and its people through its language and political
institutions as well as major trends in literature and art from the
Gallo-Roman area to the present.
Prerequisite: FRN 223
IAI: H1 900
Gender and Sexuality Studies (GXS)
Social Sciences Division, Room A244, (847) 543-2047
GXS 121
Introduction to Gender Studies (3-0)
3 Hours
This course provides an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of
gender studies. It will explore the varied perspectives of gender and
gender issues, including the biological, psychological, sociological,
and anthropological approaches. Also included is a discussion of the
philosophical, political, historical, and economic perspectives, as
well as a literary analysis of gender. The course will also introduce
students to potential career opportunities within the field.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness
Fulfills the CLC I/M Education Requirement.
IAI: S9 900
GXS 221
Theories of Feminism (3-0)
3 Hours
With an emphasis on the social science perspective, this course
explains the theoretical nature of individual and institutional
oppression of underrepresented groups, as well as promote greater
economic, social, and political equality for men and women. The
course will provide an in-depth analysis of classic and contemporary
theories of feminism from a multidisciplinary, social science
perspective. It will introduce students to the prominent feminist
scholars, as well as offer a discussion of the feminist movement as
the basis for social policy and social activism.
Prerequisite: GXS 121 (C or better)
Recommended: SWK 228
Fulfills the CLC I/M Education Requirement.