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Course Information and Descriptions
BUS 215
Operations Management (3-0)
3 Hours
This class will give students a broad, practical perspective towards
the field of Operations Management, a core business function.
Students will examine concepts and problems encountered in
planning, operating and controlling the production of goods and
services. Topics include scheduling, inventory management,
logistics, quality assurance, supply chain management, facility
location and the use of state of the art computer systems to better
manage operations.
Prerequisite: Basic Algebra Readiness and BUS 121
Typically offered spring only
BUS 219
Small Business Management (3-0)
3 Hours
This course deals with the role of small business in our society, the
problems and opportunities connected with starting a new venture,
and the management skills required to successfully operate the ongoing business. The course is intended to meet the needs of those
now managing a small business, those considering the possibilities of
entrepreneurship and those who wish to learn more about how small
businesses operate.
Prerequisite: BUS 121
BUS 221
Business Law I (3-0)
3 Hours
This course introduces principles of American law governing
business and personal transactions. Areas covered include contracts
and agency. The course also introduces the American legal
environment: the court system, administrative agency procedures,
and government regulation in the areas of antitrust, employment and
consumer transactions.
Prerequisite: BUS 121 or PLS 110
BUS 222
Business Law II/Corporate
and Securities Law (3-0)
3 Hours
This course provides an overview of various forms of business
structures; including sole proprietorships, partnerships and
corporations as well as other forms of business. Additional topics
covered include the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), leases,
secured transactions and the laws administered by the Securities and
Exchange Commission. The student will learn how to draft
documents that are important to these fields of law.
BUS 222 and PLS 212 are cross-listed.
Prerequisite: PLS 110 (C or better) or BUS 221
Typically offered spring and summer only
BUS 223
Principles of Management (3-0)
3 Hours
This course is a study of management theories, emphasizing the
management functions of planning, decision-making, organizing,
leading and controlling which are relevant in a variety of
organizations. Emphasis is on theories, concepts, and models related
to these key management functions with the intent to better
understand the manager’s role in contributing to an organization’s
desired objectives.
Prerequisite: BUS 121
BUS 233
Management Skills (3-0)
3 Hours
This course focuses on the actions of managers as they perform their
planning/leading/organizing/controlling responsibilities. Students in
this course will both study and practice critical management
competencies. These competencies include problem-solving,
relationship building, motivating, leading teams, performance
management, conflict resolution, delegating, and change
AOS 233 and BUS 233 are cross-listed.
Prerequisite: BUS 121 or AOS 214 or Department Consent.
BUS 237
Managerial Communication (3-0)
3 Hours
This course will guide students in developing the communication
skills needed to be successful as a manager. The course is organized
in a workshop format, in which students develop, refine and practice
communication skills used by successful managers. The course
includes a focus on both oral and written skills used in business at a
management level. The content of the course will also include a
focus on organization, non-verbal (both delivery and listening) and
presentation skills. At the conclusion of the course, students will be
able to prepare written business documents such as proposals,
memos, and emails; organize and conduct meetings and write
meeting minutes; and make formal and informal business
presentations. Students will have developed communication skills
that effectively inform and persuade their audience in addition to
enhancing their credibility as managers.
AOS 237 and BUS 237 are cross-listed.
Prerequisite: AOS 111 or ENG 121
BUS 238
Project Management (3-0)
3 Hours
This course will focus on the concepts and tools related to the
management of projects within organizations. Students will examine
all phases of project management including planning, scheduling,
control, and termination. Topics include writing project plans,
developing work breakdown structures, project scheduling, resource
management, earned value analysis, and project risk management.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness AND Basic
Algebra Readiness
Recommended: BUS 121
BUS 239
Social Media/Social Networking
in Business (3-0)
3 Hours
This course provides an introduction to the use of social media and
social networking within a business context. The course provides an
overview of the role of social media and networking in building and
managing customer relationships as a component of the marketing
program. Students will develop the tools to communicate with
customers using the major social network platforms such as
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs.
AOS 239 and BUS 239 are cross-listed.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness
Course fee
Typically offered spring only
BUS 253
Leadership (3-0)
3 Hours
This course will focus on the elements and concepts related to
leadership. Various levels of leadership concepts will be examined
including self-leadership, entrepreneurial leadership, team
leadership, strategic leadership, and organizational leadership. Topics
include leadership vision, culture and values, and strategy
development and execution. Personal leadership competencies such
as emotional intelligence, cross-cultural competencies, and
leveraging via delegation and talent development will also be
AOS 253 and BUS 253 are cross-listed.
Prerequisite: BUS 121 or Department Consent.
Recommended: BUS 223 or BUS 233 or AOS 233
Typically offered fall only
Typically offered spring only