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Course Information and Descriptions
ACC 221 Intermediate Accounting I (4-0)
4 Hours
An intensive study of financial accounting theory and procedures
involving the topical areas of accounting standards and theory
development, the statements of income, retained earnings, and
financial position, time value of money, cash, receivables, inventory,
plant assets, depreciation, intangible assets and current liabilities.
Grade of “B” or better in Financial and Managerial Accounting
(ACC121 and ACC122) is recommended, grade of “C” or better
is required.
Prerequisite: ACC 122 (C or better)
ACC 222 Intermediate Accounting II (4-0)
4 Hours
An intensive continuation of the study of financial accounting theory
and procedures involving the topical areas of accounting for long
term liabilities, shareholder equity, investments, revenue recognition,
financial analysis, preparation of the Statement of Cash Flows,
accounting for income taxes, pensions, leases, changes and errors,
and disclosure.
Prerequisite: ACC 221 (C or better)
Typically offered spring only
ACC 251 Financial Accounting Research (1-0)
1 Hour
This course is an introduction to the research process as it applies to
financial accounting. The primary focus will be on the use of an
Internet based research system to obtain authoritative evidence to
support answers to accounting questions.
Corequisite: ACC 222
Typically offered spring only
ACC 252 Research Topics in Taxation (1-0)
1 Hour
This course summarizes the art of navigating the federal income tax
laws, as well as other authoritative literature, and developing a
supportable conclusion to tax issues that do not possess definitive
answers. This course will expose students to a variety of tax
authoritative documents, as well as their citations. Students will be
trained to use tax research software and will ultimately be assessed
on their ability to create and communicate defensible tax positions.
Corequisite: ACC 213
Typically offered spring only
ACC 270 Advanced Accounting (4-0)
4 Hours
Advanced accounting includes the study of accounting theory and
practice as it relates to business combinations and consolidated
financial statements, accounting and reporting for governmental and
not for profit organizations, and the accounting for equity
transactions for partnerships. This course is recommended for
students who plan to sit for the CPA exam and practicing accountants
needing further study of the above described topics.
Prerequisite: ACC 222 (C or better) OR ACC 221 (B or better) and
concurrent enrollment in ACC 222.
Typically offered fall only
ACC 271 Auditing (3-0)
3 Hours
An intensive study of theory and procedures applied in the
performance of an audit including the topical areas of audit
reporting, auditing standards and evidence, components of audit risk,
and the evaluation and impact of internal control environment and
information systems. The legal, ethical and regulatory dimensions
will be examined with emphasis on how government affects auditing
and financial reporting through Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other
relevant acts.
Prerequisite: ACC 222 (C or better) OR ACC 221 (B or better) and
concurrent enrollment in ACC 222.
ACC 299 Special Topics in Accounting (Variable)
1-6 Hours
This course is designed to allow students to study a topic or topics
that are not a part of the existing curriculum. Topics identified
will be current or emerging topics within the accounting profession
or topics that provide additional depth within an accounting
specialty area. This course may be repeated for up to a total
of six credit hours.
May be taken four times, but any topic only once
Administrative Office
Systems (AOS)
Business Division, Room T102, (847) 543-2041
AOS 111
Business Communication (3-0)
3 Hours
This course is designed to improve communication skills and prepare
students for success in a team environment. Students will learn how
to write clearly and concisely. Topics include a review of
punctuation, document formatting and techniques in composing
effective business letters, memoranda, reports, employment letters,
resumes, and working with electronic messages and digital media.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness
Course fee
AOS 112
Computer Basics/Software
Applications (3-0)
3 Hours
This course provides a comprehensive study of the use of computers
and technologies. Class topics include computer hardware, software,
operating systems, and electronic communications such as email, the
Internet, and networks. Students will have an opportunity to analyze
computer-purchasing strategies, as well as acquire knowledge on
data security and storage. Hands-on software experience will be
provided utilizing Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, the Internet,
and email.
Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness OR concurrent
enrollment in ENG 109 or ELI 109
Course fee
AOS 113
Comprehensive Word Processing (3-0)
3 Hours
This is a comprehensive course in the use of word processing
software on a computer. Topics include entering, editing, formatting,
saving, retrieving, using writing tools, and printing. Advanced and
specialized topics to be covered include tables, merge, macros,
outlining, templates, styles, themes, footnotes/endnotes,
headers/footers, and graphics. Several projects will be completed
during the semester.
Course fee
AOS 114
Outlook (1-0)
1 Hour
In this course, students will learn the features of Microsoft Outlook
software. Topics covered include using Outlook for e-mail, using the
Calendar feature to schedule events and appointments, entering and
editing contacts, and creating and updating tasks and notes. Several
projects will be completed during the semester.
Course fee
Typically offered spring only