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The Murphy Agency
John Murphy: President
HubSpotter Since June 30
Number of HubSpotter Powered Clients:
Getting There / 3 opportunities to pursue
Success: 454 views, 7 leads in July
• Located in Cleveland/Akron Ohio, we are moving away from print
production and traditional marketing to Inbound Marketing.
• What is Inbound Marketing?
– why is Inbound Marketing necessary to be successful in
business today?
• What is HubSpot?
– How does HubSpot help your customers do inbound marketing
more effectively?
• How does having an agency partner add value to your HubSpot
– Training in using the software and learning the methodology
– We can help customize HubSpot ToFu content and produce
other graphics for their site
– Content creation!
• How do you help your customers succeed with HubSpot?
• How does it ensure long-term, sustainable success with Inbound
The Murphy Agency G P C T
Goals For HubSpot:
Double revenue in 18 months. Get 6 clients on retainers.
Hire more people.
Add Inbound Marketing as a channel for leads/conversions. Continue
with other marketing strategies: public speaking, networking, referrals,
targeted DM and advertising.
Challenges You Faced Before HubSpot
No way to measure client success. Can’t create landing pages,
CTAs, emails easily. No way to integrate social media.
1-2 retainer clients by EOY – then add one per quarter
Dashboard shows what you’ve been
working on lately. There is a direct
relationship between your inbound
marketing activity and the results you see
in terms of page views, conversions, etc.
The Murphy Agency Favorite HubSpot Resources
Personal Coaching during Onboarding
Online Training Resources
HubSpot-related LinkedIn Groups
Specific Sales Methodology Training
Personal Coaching during Onboarding
Online Training Resources
HubSpot-related LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn Resources: Groups for VARs to Join –
Lots of good information gets shared here.
HubSpot-related LinkedIn Groups
Best LinkedIn Group to monitor when onboarding!
Specific Sales Methodology Training
Having a proven sales process handed to you is huge!
I created binders for the slides I downloaded to act as study guides.
I keep the sales methodology posted nearby as a reminder.
(The ugly wallpaper was the landlord’s idea! Don’t blame me.)
Check Us Out: