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Marketing @ BulletinHealthcare
How all the tactics fit together to achieve growth
Jim McDonough
It all starts with the Marketing Plan – the
blueprint for marketing strategy & tactics
The strategy:
• Increase awareness, generate new
leads, and retain current clients
• Expand the offering
• Ensure customer satisfaction
The tactics: see inside ->
But first - a new positioning
statement was crafted as well as a
new logo, tagline and brand
Kantar data was used for
targeting while
was used to track pipeline
progress and KPIs.
Actually – the combination of Salesforce and
HubSpot software allowed for tracking of sales
and individual marketing tactic performance.
The new website was created with
access for advertisers and association
partners. With SEO, it is the cornerstone
of inbound marketing efforts.
A company page was also developed
for LinkedIn and Facebook.
Superior content (articles) were
written to generate awareness and
thought leadership.
While White Papers Jim authored
provided even more in the way of
“thought leadership”.
Being a leader in the “Value Beyond the
Pill” movement opened a new market. The
platform delivered digital brand assets of
value to target MDs and their patients.
Outbound Marketing plays a
key role – print and digital ads
communicated the value prop
in a succinct & compelling way.
The digital campaigns helped
generate awareness, engagement and lead gen.
And with digital, its all about
the data!
Targeted eMail
campaigns –
some using
video – was
…and A-B testing via
HubSpot allowed for
message and imagery
The innovative “fast draw” video brochure certainly garnered attention – opening up
many a prospect’s mind to the benefits of the product…
…While specialty “personalized”
communications like this one
allowed us to tell the story in a
highly targeted and stylized way.
And in
PM360 awarded
the firm “Most
Company” of
2012 – a
testament to the
value of and
uniqueness of
the product.